Valve Trombone (Amati)


Trumpet players: What are you waiting for?

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A great value, the valve trombone is perfect for any trumpet player wanting to ‘double’ in the trombone range without learning the slide positions. It’s also a great marching instrument.

The horn has been reconditioned and the entire instrument was chemically washed.

It comes with a case and mouthpiece.

About Amati

In September 1945, a Cooperative of musical instrument manufacturers was established in Kraslice. And because the production of both wind and stringed instruments was anticipated, the Cooperative was given the name “AMATI”.

In 1948 the entire production had been nationalized. Kraslice gradually became a center of wind and percussion instrument manufacture. At present, the assortment of wind instruments produced in Kraslice is unusually wide and made up of practically all common instruments. In Kraslice, cases are also produced for instruments, cymbals and the whole range of children’s musical instruments (Orff instruments).

All instruments are manufactured from quality materials, with high level of hand craftsmanship combined with modern technology. AMATI Kraslice instruments are sought after for their excellent award-winning features, such as:beautiful, mellow sound quality, good intonation, functional reliability, perfect workmanship and very reasonable prices.


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