Service Details

Bio-friendly chemical cleanings

We use a mix of safe, food grade mild acids to professionally clean your horn.

Dent repairs

Brass instruments can only be fixed with specialized equipment, made specially to repair musical instruments. Our equipment is manufactured by various famous tool makers that serve the entire instrument repair industry.

Cork & felt replacement

Corks and felts are routinely replaced when needed or requested at a nominal cost.

Freeing stuck slides and mouthpieces

Do NOT attempt to free stuck mouthpieces at home. Every musical instrument technician as specialized tool to free stuck mouthpieces without marring up metal surfaces. These can often be serviced while you wait in a matter of minutes.


I can easily repair solder joints when needed. Contact the shop for an estimated price and scheduling options.

Aligning slides and valves

Brass is a soft metal. Even when being careful, slides and valves can get out of alignment. These repairs are usually easy and quick.

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