Check some work examples. The images depict some fixes for typical mishaps in the life of various brass instruments.

Bio-friendly chemical cleanings

That’s right. Just like your teeth, your brass instrument needs occasional maintenance by a professional service technician. Over time, breath and saliva will build up calcification in the horn (just like dental plaque on teeth) which cannot be removed with just warm soapy scrubs.

Using a mix of safe, food grade mild acids, horns are thoroughly cleaned inside and out. This removes food particles, gunk, mold and other unwanted debris that collects over time. Every part is carefully disassembled, inspected and where needed, felts and corks are replaced. In addition to your regular home cleanings, this level of deep immersive servicing is recommended 1-2 times per year. Your brass instrument will play and sound better, and be healthier after receiving our bio-friendly chemical wash.

General Repairs

Dent repair and soldering is a common need for brass instruments. While dents do not usually effect sound production, they certainly diminish the value of an instrument. A blemished instrument can also impact our sense of self as we pursue our life’s love of music.

Freeing stuck slides and mouthpieces

Do NOT attempt to free stuck mouthpieces at home. Every musical instrument technician has specialized tool to free stuck mouthpieces without marring up metal surfaces. These can often be serviced while you wait in a matter of minutes.

Aligning slides and valves

Brass is a soft metal. Even when being careful, slides and valves can get out of alignment. These repairs are usually easy and quick.


Repair and servicing work is charged at $65 per hour.

For thorough cleanings (bio friendly chem wash) there is a set fee of $90 for trumpets/trombones. $130 for the larger brass instruments including french horns.